October 31, 2020

VACCINE Trial Volunteer Develops Neuro Problem

There has been a clinical hold on the coronavirus vaccine trial as the trial candidate developed neurological problems after recieving the vaccine

Scientists urge caution in the global vaccine race as AstraZeneca reports an ‘adverse event’ in a person who received the Oxford vaccine says

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Scientists React​ to Halt of Leading Coronavirus Vaccine Trial
Credit: Nelson Almeida Getty Images

what this means

Global trials of a leading coronavirus-vaccine candidate are on hold after an adverse event in a person who received the vaccine in the UK

However, Scientists are of the opinion that it is too soon to say what impact this might have on the global push to develop a vaccine.

Researchers at Oxford, UK, in collaboration with pharm gaint AstraZeneca, are developing the vaccine, which is in “phase III’ stage of being tested.

This clinical hold by AstraZeneca is the first major setback in pursuit of a vaccine against a disease that has killed alimost 1 million people

It may seem surprising to stop a multimillion-dollar, 30,000-person trial because one person fell ill, but “it’s not at all unprecedented,”

Overall, only about 25% of vaccines that enter human testing end up receiving approval and being marketed to the public, according to a 2018 study.

Dr. Francis Collins, Director of the National Institutes of Health, speaking Wednesday morning to a Senate committee.

That’s why the federal government has invested in six different candidate vaccines, Collins said,

“because of the expectation that they won’t all work – though it would be lovely if they did.”

huge investments in the vaccine development

The government has pledged more than $10 billion to six companies now developing candidate vaccines, with the possibility of adding one or two more.

The money is intended to cover development costs for most of the vaccines and production and distribution of 100 million doses of each by early next year.

If any vaccine fails to meet standards of safety and effectiveness, those pre-made doses will be thrown out.

The government signed a $1.2 billion contract with AstraZeneca in May that calls for the company to make 300 million doses of its vaccine.

It’s not clear whether AstraZeneca has already begun making doses of its vaccine, currently called AZD1222. 



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