October 31, 2020

UN fund pays Indonesia $130 Million as deforestation rises

Deforestation Trees are cut down for timber, waiting to be transported and sold. PHOTOGRAPH BY ESEMELWE PHOTO CREDIT: Andre Gabrielli, National Geographic Society

Indonesia has been awared $103 million USD from the UN ‘s Redd Forest protection scheme even as as deforestation rises report shows

Activitist have accused the Green Climate Fund of letting governments game the Scheme by claiming payment amid rising deforestation

A letter signed by 85 civil society group to the board of Green Climate Fund, the group describes it as

“shameful” for the board to reward governments “that continue to heavily engage in and promote large-scale deforestation”.


Initially designed to help third world Nations on the frontline in their efforts to maintain low emission and mitigate the effect of climate change

Under a “payment-by-results” mechanism, nations retrospectively get cash for reducing C02 emissions from deforestation and degradation within a set period

The urgency to address climate change took an historic step when 27 countries pledged to replenish the Green Climate Fund (GCF) by USD $9.78 billion

The United Kingdom, France, Germany, Japan and Sweden are the top contributors which has a governing board

“has accepted bids for money under the scheme”

Civil societies groups had repeatdly accussed the GCF board of

  • accepting bids for money under the scheme
  • And allowing Nations to cherry-pick data to make the results on paper look better distoting the reality


fout South America countries Brazil, Ecuador, Chile and Paraguay have been awarded nearly $230 million USD.

Despite recieving thee funds, record shows that these countries still have high rate of deforestation despite recieving thes funds

The payment to Indonesia approved on Wednesday was based on

” 20 million tonnes of avoided carbon dioxide between 2014 and 2016″

But records shows that deforestation in Indonesia has recently spiked under the cover of Covid-19 lockdown and the government is seeking to roll back environmental regulations for businesses to thrive.

Board members expressed “serious concerns” about the Indonesian proposal, including the methodology for calculating avoided emissions and the implementation of safeguards to protect the environment

An earlier decision by GCF board to pay $28 million to Colombia (even as deforestation rises ) was suspended twice

The UNITED KINGDOM is now more than £2 Trillion in debt

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