October 30, 2020

over 130 Illegal Immigrants and $47 Million Worth Of Drugs Seized at US borders in 5 Days

The United States Customs and Border Protection reports it has arrested 133 illegal immigrants within 5 days.

The disclosure also reveals arrest of 7,630 pounds of narcotics were seized at the border between Texas and Mexico worth about $47 Million

Authorities intervened in drug smuggling, human smuggling and trafficking and illegal crossing attempts, and recovered around $47,863,472 worth of narcotics btw Gug 25 & 28, (CBP) reports shows


AUG 25, Among those arrested is an illegal immigrant who was previously convicted of murder in Texas in 1998, CBP announced

CBP agents also arrested an illegal immigrant who was priorly convicted of indecent sexual contact with a child, according to the agency.

AUG 26, CBP arrested a Mexican citizen near the Pharr-Reynosa International Bridge and seized a tractor-trailer after finding 76 pounds of cocaine worth $586,500 and around 12 pounds of methamphetamine worth $22,000, according to CBP.

A U.S. citizen was arrested after CBP found 11 pounds of methamphetamine valued at $219,500 at the Anzalduas International Bridge, the agency said on Friday.

One of the immigrants detained in these series of arrest was Mexican national Diego Andres Rodriguez-Gonzalez, who was previously arrested on charges of Indecency with a Child with Sexual Contact in 2003 and has been deported multiple times, according to the agency.


AUG 26, Officials seized two shipments weighing over 1,200 pounds, of methamphetamines worth around $29.8 million at the World Trade Bridge,

AUG 26, CBP seized around 504 pounds of marijuana worth $403,472 and apprehended several illegal immigrants near Laredo, Texas

Aug. 27, Border Patrol and the Laredo Police Department reportedly shut down a stash house holding 20 illegal immigrants

AUG 27, Over $4 million worth of marijuana weighing around 5,330 pounds was seized by CBP agents near Laredo

AUG 27, Bundles of methamphetamine weighing around 20 pounds, worth $632,000 were seized by CBP agents near Edinburg, Texas, according to the agency.

AUG 28, Officials seized 168 pounds of methamphetamine worth around $3.3 million in Laredo, CBP reported 

AUG 26- 28, CBP agents intercepted eight human smuggling attempts near Edinburg, Texas, and arrested seven smugglers and 53 illegal immigrants, the agency said.

The same day, agents discovered liquid methamphetamine in a tractor gas tank and seized more than 180 pounds of methamphetamine worth around $4.5 million from another trailer, according to CBP.

Officials alo seized more than 130 pounds of cocaine worth $4.4 million on same day, the agency said.



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