November 27, 2020

Outrage as Security Forces kill protesters in Lagos

Security agencies yesterday opened fire of unarmed civilian protesters demanding for the end of police brutality in Nigeria

Security Forces open fire of unarmed protesters in Lagos

The attack has drawn widespread condemnation local and intenational as with former U.S. presidential candidate, Hilary Clinton, urging President Buhari to

“stop killing young protesters.”

Several protesters mostly youths died Tuesday night when Nigerian soldiers opened fire on protesters at the Lekki toll gate.

The attack on unarmed protesters, hours after the Lagos State Government imposed a curfew in Lagos, left at least seven people dead, witnesses said.

Actual number of death figures are yet unclear as eeveral protesters were also injured in the attack

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eye witness say, emergency personnels and ambulances were initially denied access by Nigerian Army at the Lekki toll plaza Lagos.

video footages show show the moment soldiers opened fire on the protesters, and the clips show terrified citizens crouching and screaming as gunshots rented the air.

some Churches in the area had opened their doors for protesters to take refuge.


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