October 30, 2020

Indian to Make Covid 19 Vaccines Available to Friendly Neighbours

As the race to producing a vaccine intensifies, Indian Foreign Secretary Harsh Vardhan Shringha has said,

“Indian will ensure covid 19 vaccines are available to it’s friendly neighnours”

According to the statement, Indian Pharmacetical Companies will be among the largest producers of the coronavirus vaccines

The statement which was made Friday in a Foreign policy seminar states Indian’s relations with Nepal, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka has never been better, contrary to external impressions


Recall in April, the UN reached out to India for global vaccine supplies as COVID lockdown prompts fears

in July, the first set of results from early-stage clinical trials of the Oxford University Covid-19 vaccine candidate indicated the vaccine is safe and induces an immune reaction

The results from Oxford were immediately followed by Indian vaccine manufacturer Serum Institute announcing

‘it would seek regulatory approvals for clinical trials in India and “soon start manufacturing the vaccine in large volumes”.

Serum Institute has a manufacturing arrangement with British pharma giant AstraZeneca to produce a billion doses if the Oxford University vaccine candidate was successful.

“The trials have shown promising results, We will be applying for the licensure trials to the Indian regulator in a week’s time,”

Serum Institute of India chief executive Adar Poonawalla said,


Todays statement by the Foreign Secretary may not be unconnected with Indian’s current border confrontation with it ‘s neighbors China

The border issue escalated in June killing 20 Indian soldiers and a Chinese National , a situation Harsh describes as unprecendented

“we have never had this kind of situation since 1962” he said

The border tension which has affected economic ties between both countries, has lead to high level military talks between Indian and China with no apparent meeting ground


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