October 30, 2020

COVID 19: Eating out may be riskier than bus ride

The findings highlight the risk of activities in which people can’t always wear a mask.

Eating out may come with a higher risk of catching COVID-19 than riding public transportation or getting a haircut at a salon, a new study suggests.

The findings, from the CDC, highlight the risk of activities in which people can’t always wear a mask and practice social distancing, such as eating and drinking while at a restaurant.

For the study, the researchers analyzed information from 314 adults who were tested for COVID-19 at one of 11 health care facilities across the U.S.

All of the participants had experienced some symptoms that led them to be tested.

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About half of the participants had received a positive test, while the other half received a negative test.

Participants were interviewed about activities they engaged in during the 14 days before their symptoms started, including going to a store, gym, office, salon, bar or coffee shop; attending religious services, using public transportation or dining at restaurants

Overall, people who tested positive for COVID-19 were twice as likely to report dining at a restaurant in the 14 days prior to becoming sick than people who tested negative.



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