October 31, 2020

1000 EURO to every cured resident of Covid-19 who donates plasma


“No effort is too much to save lives!”,

“We are fighting for life! We must save as many people as possible! No effort is too much to save lives!”, 

Mayor of Bucharest Gabriela Firea

The Mayor or Bucharest the captital and largest city in Romania has annouced a 1000 Euro gift to residents who have recovered from covid 19 infections and are willing to donate plasma to infected patients.

Less than an hour after the launch of the initiative, ten Bucharest residents registered on the new platform, according to Firea.

She also adds that currently, Bucharest finds itself in a “plasma crisis”.

Plasma donated by one person can save three patients

The online platform dedicated to the project “DONATE PLASMA, SAVE A LIFE” has been active since 1 September.

Plasma donors can find more information about the campaign at the Internet address www.doneazaplasma.assmb.ro. 

Through this initiative, the City Hall of Bucharest wants to encourage plasma donation by cured patients, by granting each of them 1,000 euros.

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The financial support will be given in the form of a package of vouchers that can be used to purchase medical services and medicines needed for recovery, post-infection as well as for food.

Mayor Firea further explained that the municipality has initiated this project because further encouragement for innovative treatments that contribute to the cure or improvement of the health of patients infected with the new coronavirus is necessary.

Although over 40,000 Romanians have been cured of Covid-19, very few of them donated plasma.

According to official statistics, so far there have only been about 400 donors.

One of the aims of the informational activities related to the campaign is to inform the community that plasma donated by one person can save three patients.

This project supports both severely ill patients in intensive care as well as those who, who have not only recovered but understand the noble mission of supporting others who are infected with SARS-CoV-2 through a plasma donation.

The plasma of people who have been cured of COVID-19 contains antibodies that have learned to recognize and fight the SARS-CoV-2 virus and is essential for treatment. 


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